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We have shared an Office 365 Group with Guest Users.  We added a web part to add in Videos that we have stored in Stream.  When a guest user clicks on a video they get this message "Invalid Authentication Token"  How is this fixed?

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Ever get a solution to this?  Having the exact same issue sharing some training videos with one of clients as a guest user.  Thanks!!   @Helena Bitter 

Same problem with us.

We have a MS Teams group and want to make records of meetings available in the team. For Guest Users in this group, displaying the video does not work. Although the Teams Group is allowed to view the video and for internal accounts it is working fine.

I would love to find a solution too :) i think it will connected with identity services, somehow i think we need to add access tokens somewhere, but can't find it where :)

@Helena Bitter any resolution? We are running into the exact same thing. Feels really limiting for access to be restricted for guests.

Hello @Audrius Martinkus 

We've the same issue and we're tryting to find a solution 

@Helena Bitter  Has anyone found a solution yet? Any work from Microsoft?

Hello @mjackson78 

We opened a ticket at Microsoft & we're still wating for the answer 

Hello @Helena Bitter 

Do you have any solution about this issue please ?

@Helena Bitter , @Sofianeda1st any news about this issue?

We started to use teams for training sessions with guests and now having the same problems.


Johan Jacobs

@johanjacobsVideos for guests are technically not possible at the moment! Microsoft is working to change this!


There are different submitted Stream ideas you can upvote for this request like: or or or ...


The problem is, videos are shared with an URL like http:// web . microsoft . com / video / <GUID>. There is no tenant information in this URL. So when a guest accesses the video through such an URL, Microsoft looks in the guests main tenant to find the video and not in the tenant you are providing the video. The result is what you describe: Video not found!


Current workaround is to download the video from Stream, upload it to SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive and let the guests access it through a sharing link.

Dear @Tomislav Karafilov,


I've just found your post and I thank you for your advice. 

If anybody knows some new upgrade about this functionality, please let me know.

I can't apply the workaround concerning the file download, because I have a recording of 2 hours .. so the dimension is too big.

As you know, in this period is not unusual to have long meetings by Teams, so it's a pity attendees cannot access to the videos.


Thank you.