How do I change the caption times to sync with audio narration in MS Streams video transcript?

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I uploaded a video to MS Streams and the captions are out of sync with
the audio narration. I set the player to autogenerate the captions automatically
to use the AI algorithm. The final accuracy was 100% for words created,
spelling was accurate with 68 out of 69 words for 99% and punctuation
only missed 1 out of 6 for 83%. The AI caption widget has the capability
to edit the caption text, however; it apparently does not seem to be able
to modify the timing values determining the syncing of when the captions
are displayed in relation to the recorded audio narration.
Maintaining caption sync is important for compliance with the accessibility
requirements covered by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
Is there a Microsoft support resource explaining how to sync captions in MS Streams?
For example, Microsoft provides a transcript app
called the VTT Cleaner that adds functionality to Streams:

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