How and where are long-term use training videos to be stored in the New Stream?

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I have training and certification videos that need to remain available for an indefinite length of time and is not to be associated with any particular TEAM or SPO site. Classic Stream has served us well for this purpose by allowing a video to be shared with everyone and not designated/stored in a specific 'workspace' other than Stream itself. My understanding is that recordings created after deploying the New Stream must be associated with/stored in an SPO website or ODB and will have an automatic delete/archive setting of x days (60, 90, ?) applied to it whether we want it or not unless we go through some sort of labeling and compliance admin setup on the tenant level.


If this is true, it is unrealistic and not meeting the needs of all Stream users. While being able to store Stream videos in SPO and ODB is a good thing, stripping Stream of the ability to store videos and maintain them separately from SPO and ODB is also a good and needed feature, especially in the education world where lesson plans and resources are used from year to year and for multiple/different classes (i.e. TEAMS, SPO sites).


Long-term storage without a designated time period or location outside of Stream must continue to be available. Am I misunderstanding the features and functions that are/remain available when the New Stream is enabled? If I am not, what is the solution for this use case? 


Clearly, I need it FAST since New Stream is being forced on us.

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