Error code 0x20200259 in China since Jan 21 2021

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Hi there,

China associates encountered issue on viewing Stream videos since last week. They never had this issue before. I uploaded a video into Stream recently and shared to Asia associates. At the same time, US, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand associates are viewing that video smoothly without problem but not China. The trouble is opening that video and looks like buffering/streaming then turned to 0x20200259 error. That video is merely less than 30mb and we have M365 E5 licenses for all associates.



I've tested,

1. Four offices with different ISPs at China but none of them can view the video. They are having the same error.

2. Use cellphone hotspot to connect to internet to view Stream video but having the same error.

3. Use Astrill VPN to view Stream video and the result is good.


How could we resolve this issue? Nothing changed but just happened since Jan 21. No issue at Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and US but only China has this problem.

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