Embedding video on SharePoint requires Silverlight

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I've posted a video in a channel in stream and wanted to use this video in a ContentPage on SharePoint. In SharePoint I added media and chose for "From Address" and pasted the embed URL I copied from Stream. This works fine, however this embedded video requires Silverlight to play. In our company Silverlight is not installed/allowed.


Is this default behaviour, and is there a way to specify that another technology (HTML5?) has to be used when playing embedded video's?





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Hi @Jan Sabbe.  Microsoft Stream does not use Silverlight for playback. This is because Silverlight playback technologies does not support the type of decryption required for Microsoft Stream.


We use smart detection for playback, and select the correct playback technology based on your browser's capabilites.  In general, we try to start with HTML5 for playback, however in some circumstances, Flash may be required to playback video. This generally happens on Windows 7 on IE 11.  This is because, underlying, this browser does not have the built in feature to playback and decrypt via HTML.


What browser and OS are you using? Additionally, when you watch the video at https://web.microsoftstream.com, what playback technology is being used? 



Hi Amit,


I'm on a Windows 7 device, using Google Chrome or IE.


When watching the video directly on https://web.microsoftstream.com, the HTML5 playback technology is used in Chrome, Flash in IE as you described. When embedding this movie in a SharePoint site "From Address", the browser requires a Sivlerlight plugin in IE. I believe now that this is because the video cannot be accessed, or that is the default playback technology of the Media web-part in SharePoint. When embedding the entire iframe in SharePoint, everything seems to work fine...



Hi @Jan Sabbe. Out of curiosity, what webpart are you using and how are you adding the Microsoft Stream video as a parameter?

Hi @Amit Rajput, in a Content Editor webpart, I insert a video "from address", as the Office 365 Video doesn't show my stream video's, and there is no Stream integration. This is a page which is in the old UI, so not the modern UI.

@Jan Sabbe the web part you are using isn't Stream or Office Video.  It is strictly MP4 playback just for videos and isn't tied to either of our services.  Please use the embedded webpart or the Stream webpart to add videos from Stream.

Capture.JPGIs Stream Web Part only available on modern pages?   I don't see it on classic pages.  Is there a plan to add an 'MS Stream' icon to the ribbon in the 'Media' group (similar to the "Office 365 Video" icon) so users can easily add a 'Stream' video without having to open another window, navigate to Stream, find the video's embed code, come back to the other window and embed the code.  That's a lot of clicks....


@Kelly Meyer It would be appreciated if you can add your idea to the Microsoft Stream Ideas so that others can vote on it too https://aka.ms/streamideas

@Jan Sabbe I was having this same annoying issue for a video I posted on SharePoint just this week (I'm fairly new to the "SharePoint world" so forgive me), asking to install Silverlight repeatedly.  I finally figured out when posting it, if I unchecked the options (in the Properties) for downloading and embedding, it no longer requires Silverlight; so you might want to try that if you haven't already... I know it's been a while since you posted this.


@Shelley21Nice, didn't come up with that. I gave up after a while. Thanks for sharing! Good luck in  the "SharePoint World".

@Shelley21many thanks for sharing your solution. Could you please clarify where can I find these two options to untick? I saved a video file to site contents and wanted to shared it via email, but people experience Silverlight installation request which prevent them from viewing a video content. Many thanks in advance!