Download Stream as Owner

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Hello, I have a problem with downloading my own videos. I made a stream on Microsoft Stream, but I can't download the video afterwards in mp4 etc. As an owner, there should be the possibility to "download original video" but I only have the possibility to "download video" which gives me a webm-file. But I need mp4 or something similar, not an online-file but a "physical" one. 

Can anyone help me? 

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@eslisligshallo - I think you made the video on MS Stream via the Screen Recorder tool? If so that tool only creates videos in the WebM format it doesn't create MP4s. So when you click download you are downloading the file that the screen recorder created. We don't have any way to convert it for you to a different format. 


You'd need to look at using a tool to convert it yourself from WebM to MP4. There are online converters (not sure which ones you can trust) or you could use software like Handbrake.