Closed caption timing error


I am noticing that in about 1/4 of the videos that my team uploads to Stream, there are errors in the closed captioning timing. Most of the speech is captured in the text, but about 20 second chunks will be missing and the timing jumps past these parts like there is no speech there. Is anyone else having this error? Is the Stream team aware of this issue? 

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@simsimdaour I just heard this about one video recently about 2 weeks back. I believe this is possible if that audio portion is really hard to transcribe so instead of having a very low confidence transcription, the section may be skipped. However, without seeing the video, it's hard to confirm. I have been working with the user who provided that feedback to see if we can get a copy of that video for debugging. Would you be able to share couple of the videos from your end with me and the transcription tech team I work with?