Change backround of log in window

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Does someone know if it is possible to change the grey background in the image attached to something more inviting for users? I get this image as an overlay on an embedded video linked from MS Stream if I am not logged in to Office365. 

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Sorry we don't have any configuration option where you can change that yourself.


We'd need to do a change on our end to change the color scheme.


What were you thinking, just something a little lighter and not as dark grey?

Hi Marc! Thank you for your answer. We are just exploring alternatives but we thought about an overlay that is a little bit transparrent, the dark grey theme is ok. right now users don't have a clue on what kind of video to expect behind the dark grey image, if it would be transparrent so the video's thumbnail image would show just a little bit it would help to increase interest for the video I believe. Do you think this is possible?

The thumbnail is part of the "content" of the video and needs to be blocked until we know if the user viewing the embed is authorized to view the video itself. 


Those embed codes can be placed anywhere, even outside your organization. As such we need to fully block the content until we've authenticated and validated the user against that video.


So showing a peek of the thumbnail wouldn't be possible, sorry.