Captions showing letters with accents as '?'

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I'm deploying a video to a dozen different countries, so I have a dozen different VTT files so viewers can select the language they want when they're watching the video.  However, all letters with accents are currently being replaced with a '?' in a diamond instead of the actual letter.  This means that countries like Spain, Portugal and Sweden are having a lot of trouble reading the captions.  


Is there a way to fix this myself? Or is it a bug that needs a central fix? 

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Hi @Deleted it looks like this may be a character encoding issue. How are you generating the VTT files? Do you know if they are utf-8 encoded? Can you uproved an example VTT file that displays the '?''s please?



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It is important after translating the transcript file to save the file as UTF-8 encoded. 

I can confirm that special characters DO INDEED WORK as long as the file is encoded UTF-8, which can be done from the top menu of Notepad++, by choosing Encoding > Convert to UTF-8!

Hey! I don't have Notepad ++ and I am having the same problem. I am doing my VTT files with notepad windows. Is there another way to fix this?

@Mariel Vargas I don't know if you solved this already, but you can save them as UTF-8 encoded straight from normal Notepad. Just choose "Save as" and beneath the file type, you can choose which encoding you want to save it as.


I did this for all my subtitles and it works well!