Can't upload XXXX.mp4. Please Delete and try again

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Some users can't seem to upload files to Microsoft Stream. They receive a message of "Can't upload XXXX.mpt. Please delete and try again"



We have tried with different mp4 files and also trying to change the name of the file we want to upload, but nothing has worked so far.


Can someone help us with this issue?



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@Azaak - We do have some hard limits on the number of video files an individual user could upload, but those limits should rarely if ever be hit. (And if you do have users hitting those limits we should likely raise them if it's legitimate usage).


Can you put in a support ticket and we can take a look at your specific tenant? Please include a session ID from ? > About Microsoft Stream for a user who is hitting this problem.

@Marc Mroz & @Azaak 

I have the same problem, did you find the solution for this issue.