Can single sign on be set up for Stream?

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We use SharePoint Online, sync our AD to Azure AD and use single sign-on in house.

We want to use Stream and embed videos in our intranet.


We don't want staff to have to log in when they visit a page with a video embedded.

Can single-sign on be set up for Stream or is there another way around this?


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Hi, from here if you haven't seen it already - 


"Stream attempt to automatically determine the user's credentials if possible, however if the user is unknown, they will be prompted to sign in."


Using the webpart, rather than an embed code, the user should already be authenticated to access the SharePoint page, so that should not prompt additionally, as long as they have been granted access, "the permissions on the video or channel in Stream are respected in SharePoint."

Having a similar issue with Stream urls, especially when we go outside the Sharepoint context in a custom mobile app with SP pages/embedded Stream videos called with SP REST apis. We use Azure AD for authentication but "Stream attempt to automatically determine the user's credentials if possible..." seems very vague.