Archival and Retrieval of Stream Videos via LogicApp

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we are an organisation that hosts a large number of videos for users in our organisation.  We have some complex requirements for metadata associated with videos, so we will be creating records for our videos in SPO, then linking to the video file in Stream.  


We are hoping to run a LogicApp or Flow to regularly iterate the SPO records, and archive older Stream Videos to Azure blob storage.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  I can't see a connector for Stream in Logic Apps.  


Any advice would be very welcome.


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I think this is something not possible Today due to the lack of a public Stream API (it's coming at some point)

We don't yet have public APIs or Flow/Logic App connectors for Stream sorry. We are going to start with Public APIs and then after that expand into Flow connectors, etc. 

Thank you Marc.  Is there any timeline available?

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Nothing we can promise. My guess at this point is first half of 2019, but that's just a guess, we need to get more scoping, costing, planning done before we have a solid date.

I am waiting for an API too. For approvals, for upload of videos to different tenants, for changing metadata, for getting informations from the videos titles and descriptions and transcripts, for Flow,  … ;)