Able to create channel but not upload videos

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I've searched through the forum and found where it was said a couple times that they are looking to split the admin settings that control uploading vs creating channels/groups. Has this been implemented yet? I wasn't seeing any follow up results to these posts.


I'm working with my admin to test out Stream before "launching" it to the company. I have the Create header option and can create a Group or Channel. However, I do not have the Upload button in the header, nor can I go to my channel or group and upload a video.


I'm trying to advise my admin what settings to change so that my group and I can upload videos-- but we don't want the entire company able to upload videos and it get out of control.


Any advice?

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Yes we did rollout the update to admin setting to split uploaders and companywide channel creators. 


Can you have your admin go to... 

Stream > Click their profile picture in corner > Admin settings > Content creation

See what this setting is set to.


From this screen you and allow everyone to upload / create companywide channels or restrict who can. if you have "Restrict" on for either setting, you'll need to list individual users or an AD security group of people who are allowed to upload/create companywide channels.