$1200 Year for 500GB of Storage - Is this going to be reduced?

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I was reviewing https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/license-overview#storage to explain Storage in Stream to a colleague and why some organizations disable uploads to Stream.  I was also shocked when I read that an additional 500 GB of Stream storage would cost $1200 a year.  I understand that Stream storage has much more value (searchable transcript, player, captions, etc) than a 500 GB disk drive which you can buy for between $30 - $80, but $1200 each and every year for an additional 500 GB of storage seems excessively high to me.  I am sure this blocks widespread use of Microsoft Stream.  This leads to two questions:

  • Is reducing this premium price on the horizon? 
  • What are some good ways of managing\governing Stream and Stream storage so that you can enable more widespread usage while also culling stale and unused content from Stream Storage.  For example - Record routine meetings to get a transcript and create excellent minutes, but delete those recordings in 30 days.  
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@Gregory Frick I can't say anything about prices! To your second Question: Currently there are no retention policies available, but planed. You can only monitor the audit logs, extract the informations you need and implement your own policies to help the Stream administator to manage Stream by deleting videos or communicating with the video owners.

And I would like a sort option for videos like "Publish date descending"!

@Gregory Frick 

I just discovered the cost of Stream storage also. Kind of eye-popping! The attraction of "record all internal meetings" just went sour.