Deliver professional, large scale live events with ease with Microsoft Stream
Published Aug 01 2018 09:17 AM 8,663 Views

On July 12 2018, we announced the availability of live event capabilities in Microsoft Stream. With this capability, customers will be able to schedule, produce and deliver live events at scale to their audience for scenarios like company-wide events and leadership updates to employees.

Today, we are excited to announce in-product integration with 3rd party encoders for live events in Microsoft Stream!


Large scale live events typically have multiple cameras, microphones, desktop screen shares and various other sources. An encoder captures audio and video from multiple such sources and sends it to the ingest endpoint for live streaming to the audience – making it easier to execute a professional, studio-grade event.


To enable quick and easy setup with the encoders, Microsoft Stream has in-product integration with a set of encoders listed below and we will continue to add more encoders to this list in the future. Microsoft Stream accepts live feed from encoders that output RTMP or RTMPS.


In addition to the in-product integrated encoders, Microsoft has tested the following encoders work well with Microsoft Stream.

And finally, if you are using an encoder that is not in the above list, you can manually configure your encoder by copying the RTMP or RTMPS ingest URL from Stream directly into your encoder settings and start pushing the live feed to Stream.


Visit our documentation to learn more about Live events in Stream and Encoder setup.

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