On Premise Diagnostics (OPD) for SharePoint 2016 and 2019 is now available!
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The On Premise Diagnostic (OPD) for SharePoint is a collection of diagnostic scenarios, analyzers, rules, and insights for diagnosing common issues in the SharePoint 2016 and 2019 On Premise environments.





SharePoint OPD covers many scenarios with various analyzers. To make things more easily identifiable these scenarios are grouped into functional areas. For more information on the issues being covered please reference the table below.  



Issues Covered


  • Active directory imports are failing
  • Check to verify that the analytics event receivers are present and enabled
  • Central Admin site is not working
  • Incoming Emails are not added to mail enabled list
  • Supportability of current farm patch level
  • Outgoing Emails are not being sent
  • Timer jobs in the farm are not executing


  • SQL query performance


  • Search hosts online
  • You see the message "Unable to retrieve topology component health states" under Search Application Topology

Setup & Upgrade

  • Check for missing features in the content databases
  • Test if global binaries match local web app binaries

User Profile

  • People picker is not finding user names
  • Ensure ports are allowed in firewall
  • WSS Sync failures

Installation Instructions

  • Detailed instructions on how to install/upgrade the latest version of OPD can be found here.

Operational Instructions

  • Detailed instruction on how to operate OPD can be found here.


If you encounter an issue with OPD for SharePoint, please select the appropriate link below:

  • General questions
  • Bug/Exception
    • Please include the following in your bug/exception report
      • Version of OPD for SharePoint - this can be found in the title bar of the console window
      • Screen shot of error/exception
      • Steps to reproduce the error/exception
  • New scenario/feature
    • Please include the following in scenario/feature request
      • How does the issue present itself to an end user (scenario)
      • How do we determine that the specific issue exists (rules)
      • What should be displayed to the end user when we find a specific issue and how can it be resolved (insights)
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