Flow on demand for SharePoint list items and documents
Published Mar 12 2017 10:22 AM 15.4K Views

Transforming business process is a journey.  Today, in addition to integrating Flow with modern libraries, we are pleased to announce the latest step in that evolution, allowing you to create interactive, on-demand Flows in document libraries and lists.


When Flow was first introduced as a crucial element of SharePoint-centered business process, we began with the ability to build zero code processes directly from a SharePoint list.  These Flows operate against the entire scope of a list, waiting for data-or driven triggers to launch each process.


Today, we are adding the ability to build Flows in lists and libraries that you can launch directly from the command bar.  These Flows operate on a single item or document selected in the modern user experience.


When you create a Flow the most relevant templates are shown to you directly inside SharePoint.  Selecting a Flow launches the browser based Flow designer.  When you save the Flow it’s also added as a drop-down button in that list or library.

For example, you may want to circulate a document to members of your team for feedback.  The Flow designer les you designate the email address to receive a formatted email.  Once saved, any document in the library, once selected, is used as the target object for the automation.



These updates will be introduced to the First Release program starting in March 2017.  Please join the discussion below, and continue to watch this blog as we respond to your feedback and continue to enhance your ability to create custom business processes in SharePoint and OneDrive

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