Engage employees in your intelligent social intranet with Yammer and SharePoint
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Your intranet is a tool to create a richer collaborative culture. Now, you can employ new ways of working to connect people and foster better dialog, whether that revolves in conjunction with your inner loop of colleagues that you work with in close knit groups everyday or with your outer loop of peers to circulate ideas more broadly across the organization.


Over the last year we’ve delivered many integration points with SharePoint in Yammer, such as using the Office 365 Groups service to automatically provision a SharePoint team site and document library when you create a Yammer group. We also added the ability to easily find and attach files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint in a Yammer post.


Today, to showcase meaningful conversation on your intranet, we're announcing the availability of a new native web part for Yammer. The new web part is mobile friendly and with configuration options that are optimized for different experiences to make it fast and easy for you to incorporate into your sites and pages. This reflects our commitment to even deeper integration with SharePoint and  Microsoft 365 as a source of future innovation.



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Add Yammer in SharePoint communication or hub sites

Your intranet enables people across the organization to discover and share content and skills and stay updated with news and announcements. Within their communities of practice and interest they can network, engage, exchange ideas and best practices. Now it is easier than ever to build communities that foster sustained engagement.


Create or augment an existing community with a SharePoint communication site or hub site and add a Yammer feed. You can use a specific group in Yammer that you already have or create a new one group for the purpose of engaging those opinions.


To help activate your audience, when adding the Yammer web part from the toolkit on your page, you'll be able to connect to a group of your choosing and:

  • Curate up to 4 threads in Yammer by selecting the conversations you think are most relevant and engaging for your community
  • Or choose to have Yammer algorithmically select trending conversations to engage your audience on an ongoing basis
  • Or keep up to date with the latest in your group by just showing unread conversations
  • Enable any employee to engage with your site and conversations with its mobile experience



You'll be able to start a new thread in your Yammer group, directly from the new SharePoint web part, as well as easily click through to the rich capabilities of Yammer's interface to engage further in existing conversations.


Incorporate conversation in any page in SharePoint

Whether you want to create a place for dialog on a page or within a team site, the new web part for Yammer is easily incorporated by adding it from the web part gallery.

 web part gallery.png

In the future, you will even be able to add conversation to list items, for example, if you have a list of helpdesk tickets in SharePoint and want to make notes about each ticket, you will be able to add the web part to the list item page and specify the group where you want the conversations about the accounts to be stored.




Use your open space to connect and share broadly

Making it easy to see the content that is inside a document stored in SharePoint and OneDrive is another area of improvement. When posting in Yammer, documents stored in OneDrive and SharePoint will have rich previews to let you simply sample the content and recognize quickly whether the content is useful to you.

We’ll have many more features to disclose in the future, such as improved sharing directly from SharePoint & OneDrive to Yammer as well as publishing to Yammer when a News item is published in SharePoint.


Availability and learn more

We’ll show of these new features including a preview of the new web part at Ignite and it will be available to First Release customers within a couple of months of Ignite with general availability worldwide by the end of the year.


Recap all the exciting Yammer announcements and then to learn more about how IT is using Yammer to drive digital transformation in our webinar, featuring customer stories from Plante Moran and Bose.




Will the classic web part cease to work when the new web part is available?

Customers who are using the classic web part that has been available in SharePoint since 2010, may replace with the new web part as soon as it is available, for a better and mobile friendly experience.

The existing web part will continue to work, but we encourage customers to switch to new web part when convenient to do so.






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