Unable to see the feed from TAXII Server

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We have developed the TAXII 2.1 server as per the protocol mentioned in the documentation from TAXII: https://oasis-open.github.io/cti-documentation/taxii/intro.html 


And we successfully configured our TAXII in the Azure sentinel as mentioned in the doc: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/sentinel/import-threat-intelligence#adding-threat-indicators-... 


But when we tried to look at the incoming feeds, it's zero.


Sample received Feeds Looks like this:

"more": true,
"objects": [
  # Threat Feed

"spec_version": "2.0",
"type": "bundle"

Note: We are using the Basic Auth

Can someone please assist me in what went wrong and how I can fix the same?


Thanks in advance.

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