unable to get feed from anomali servers.. 12 hours


hi there,

I have connected to 10 TAXII server Collections provided by Anomali Limo 12 hours back but I haven't received any TI feed from the servers. How long it takes to get the feeds? How to troubleshoot the issues?

Following screenshots are attached -

1. Current configuration of TAXII servers, last indicator received/Last Log Received status, and 

2. 'ThreatIntelligenceIndicator' sample query output (no results)







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@momith : first, for any potential malfunction issue, I suggest working with support.


Anyways, tagging @Jason Wescott who is our TI guru and may be able to help.

Hello @momith 


You might be having the same issue as many of is the thread I created

here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-sentinel/tiindicators-not-showing-up-in-threatintellige...


I have also attached an image of my baseline and fluxes of TAXII IOCs