svchost appearing in sentinel securityalert

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Hi All,


Just wondering if anyone has seen this. We are now including Windows Security event information in sentinel via the security events connector. I was surprised to see that the clipboard history service came up as an alert under "SVCHOST was observed running a rare service group."  I did check the file and the process and they are all legit (from my POV). Why would a via well known, well used MS dll trip this alert?



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Hello @jlouden is this your own alert, or one of the built-in ones - if so which one?

Hi @CliveWatson 


This is an inbuilt out of the box alert. The query string is


| mvexpand Entity = parse_json(Entities)
| where Entity.Type =~ 'account'
| project TimeGenerated, AlertName = DisplayName, Entity.Name, AlertSeverity
| summarize RelatedAccounts = makeset(Entity_Name) by tostring(TimeGenerated), AlertName, AlertSeverity
| sort by TimeGenerated desc