Office 365 Connector showing connected but no tenant are associated with it.

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Hello Team,

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I recently created the trial tenant and connected Office 365 Connector with Sentinel but there no data ingestion is happening and also do not see any tenant are associated with the Connector.

Please let me know, if there is anyway can disconnect the connector and reconnect it.

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Hi @Rohit Anand


How long had you been waiting for data to get ingested?

Sometimes a takes a while.


Kind Regards, Peter

@Rohit Anand There is tenant listed since the data connector can only connect to the O365 that is in the same tenant as Azure Sentinel.


As to why it is taking so long for data to show up, like @Peter_Beckendorf  stated, it can take some time for the data to show up. 


It looks like you were going to reply to him but maybe hit the Post button too soon as your last message doesn't have anything in it other than the opening.

Hi @Rohit Anand,


Sad your Post was too short, hope the Problem is solved and you wanted to tell us it is fine now?


KInd Regards,