New Mapping Entities


Is there a road map for when new map entities will be added to alerts?


We have a few playbooks set up for New Accounts created, and currently we're just using the Hosts entity as a placeholder for the "InitiatedBy" entity.


These playbooks generate tickets for our company, however we've been having some issues with the Initiated not being associated with the correct TargetResource. I've tried a few workarounds and I get one of the following: 

  • One InitiatedBy is associated with all TargetResources, when in reality there's multiple Initiators.
  • Each InitiatedBy is associated with every TargetResource, which creates numerous duplicate tickets with incorrect information.

I've also tried the new Alert Aggregation tool to group by the "Host" placeholder mapped entity, but results in the same issue as above.

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We are working very hard on this.  We should have something in the new few months.