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I'm trying write a query that will match logs where a field contains any domain other than our own.  This is what I have tried:


| where Recipient matches regex @"(@(?!ourdomain)[A-Za-z0-9]+(.))"
But Kusto uses the re2 library which does not support lookarounds, as noted here: https://github.com/google/re2/wiki/Syntax
Is there a workaround in Kusto to exclude strings from regex matches?
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@andrew_bryant I ran into the same issue. I wasn't able to find an answer to do this regex. What I ended up doing was using something like 'where Data.ObjectName !contains ("System Volume Information")' to filter out strings I didn't to be included.


Not sure if this will work in your scenario but this was the only solution I was able to come up with to address this.

@mperrotta Thanks.  I had thought of that.  But this field could contain multiple domains in it.  I want to match on any record where the field contains a domain other than ours, even if it also contains ours.

@andrew_bryant do you have any updates on this matches regex issue?

I seem to have run into it trying to implement two Sentinel query templates which use this function, 

e.g. this one


I also note an overnight post by another contributor which looks like a similar issue to me ...






@Col_Sanders @andrew_bryant 


This would ignore your domain 

let Recepient = "This fake fakeperson@fake.com"; 
print Recepient
| extend ourDom = iif(not(Recepient matches regex @"([A-Za-z0-9]*ourdomain.com)"), 
                    extract (@"([A-Za-z0-9]*.com)",0,Recepient),
                    "Matched to ourdomain.com") 
| project ourDom



@Col_Sanders In case anyone else stumbles on this I'll just post my own fix/discovery for this.
Turned out that whenever I used Intelli-sense to insert matches I would get the syntax error.

By manually typing the word matches , no syntax error would occur!