failing to build

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Hi - just trying to set up Sentinel.  I've created a Workspace specifically for it, that's all fine.  When I click "Add Azure Sentinel", I get a message:


"Failed to add Azure Sentinel to workspace 'TFNZAzureSentinel'. Encountered a temporary server problem. Please try again."  


I've tried 6-7 times throughout the last 8 hours, same result.  Is there an issue right now?  Or any way of getting more data for you?


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I tried to use a Workspace I created today in Australia East and got the same error. US East and West Europe only at the moment says the regional availability tool, so I'll try that Monday.

Adding @Koby Koren and @Shalini Pasupneti. Could you either help with this or direct us to someone who can?

Getting the same behaviour here too. CSP an issue?

OK - Just tried again using East US for the workspace, and that seems to have worked; I'm about to set up a Data Collection. This is with billing going via a CSP, by the way.

Tried again today with West Europe. Didn't change anything but now it works.

I've had no problems adding Sentinel to three different tenants with CSP subscriptions now, so I think not.