Can't see Azure ATP or MCAS in Sentinel?

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Hi All,

Can anyone help with letting us know why we can't see Azure ATP or MCAS details in the Sentinel logs?


We have connected via the Data Connector page - but Azure ATP is still showing "connected" but no data at all, same with MCAS, shows as connected but nothing coming thru to Sentinel even though both tools have a data + alerts coming thru on their own consoles - but nothing coming thru on Sentinel...?

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Hello @David Caddick 


So you see 'connected' but not a timestamp as per this screenshot?  How long have you waited as there maybe some latency after you first connect the solution?

Annotation 2019-06-12 082726.pngYou will also have to wait for a new SecurityAlert to come through the connector (it doesn't I believe look back at old data).  The default query, looks at the last 24hrs (you can change that); when a new Alert fires you should see it.


| where ProviderName == "MCAS"
| summarize by TimeGenerated



@CliveWatson Here is what I get in Azure ATP:

Looks like I might have to disconnect/reconnect?


@David Caddick 


Maybe, however you have the same screen as myself - I've just not had any Alert trigger in ATP to show up, have you in the past 24hrs / since you enabled the connector? 

Have you waited at least 24hrs (you shouldn't have to after first connecting, this just in case there are any service blips, as this is a preview?).


The logs will show which Alerts if any have arrived.


| where ProviderName == 'Azure Advanced Threat Protection'
| summarize count() by TimeGenerated

@CliveWatson I have just recieved a reply from Ofer @ MS that the ATP & MCAS was via a Private Preview - this is now closed, but clearly the MCAS element works for you & I have now checked again and this is working for me based on your KQL Query syntax - so that's OK for MCAS now.

He mentioned that GA is towards the end of the month...?

No AATP Alerts till then - but MCAS is working as expected



Now I just need to find some Hunting examples that combine Sentinel + MCAS + Azure ATP - or make my own?

@David Caddick 


I have two other useful queries, the 2nd I have pinned to an Azure dashboard

// who is providing alerts
| summarize count() by ProviderName

// which alerts and names, sorted by severity
| summarize count() by ProviderName, AlertName, AlertSeverity 
| sort by AlertSeverity desc 


example of 2nd query:

Go to Log Analytics and Run Query

ProviderName AlertName AlertSeverity count_
MCAS Impossible travel activity Medium 2
ASI Scheduled Alerts AWS - Login to AWS Management Console without MFA Medium 1
ASI Scheduled Alerts Signins from IP's that attempted to sign in to disabled accounts Medium 1
ASI Scheduled Alerts User Account Created and Deleted within 24 hours Medium 1
Detection Failed SSH brute force attack Medium 2
ASI Scheduled Alerts Base64 encoded Windows executables in process commandlines Medium 1
ASI Scheduled Alerts Kerberos service ticket was requested Medium 1
AdaptiveNetworkHardenings Traffic from unrecommended IP addresses was detected Low 1
Detection An event log was cleared Informational 2
ASI Scheduled Alerts DNS tor proxies Informational 1
ASI Scheduled Alerts Malware in the recycle bin High 1
ASI Scheduled Alerts AWS - Monitor Credential abuse or hijack High 1


@David Caddick 


Thanks for the update (I missed that the preview was closed), I share the same demo system as @Ofer ;)

@CliveWatson I'd give you at least 5 likes for that if the system let me.

Thanks for sharing

Simple, just get a job with us at Microsoft ;)