Azure Sentinel: Webinar Recordings


All the recordings of the past webinars have moved to a new location:

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@Valon_Kolica  where are the recordings? I am not able to see any recordings. 


Read OP post, it is a placeholder. Recordings will be here, after the webinars. @laumberto 


The first one is not until next Wednesday - register at

@Valon_Kolica I've been waiting for the webinar to start for 20 minutes now - what's happened?

@srthomson You are an hour early.

So I am - I saw GMT and forgot we're in BST - shame my Outlook calendar wasn't smart enough to save it in my local time!

The first webinar is a bomb !   Great progress guys!    @Valon_Kolica 

@Valon_KolicaI am not able to access the Youtube recording, it says private. Is this normal?

Hi @OvidiuS, thank you for bringing this to my attention! Can you please try it again. 

@Valon_Kolica Thank you for a great webinar! Cant wait to see more!


Do you know if there is a similar series for Defender ATP?



Hi @Eric Polin, happy to hear that you're enjoying our webinars! I'm not aware of Defender ATP series, but will let you know if I hear anything. Several of our security product teams hold regular webinars where they introduce the product, do a deep dive, preview forthcoming features, gather feedback, and answer questions. For details visit Webinars and Calls at