Azure Sentinel pricing question for Azure and O365 sources

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We had a question on the Azure Sentinel pricing that was made available last week with the GA.


What data can be ingested at no cost with Azure Sentinel?
Azure Activity Logs, Office 365 Audit Logs and alerts from Microsoft Threat Protection are available for ingestion at no additional cost.


Just to clarify, the cost here is the cost of ingestion in log analytics? There are still charges for -

  • Analysis of this data with Sentinel
  • Retention of these ingested logs beyond the first 90 days?
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@Sayan Ghosh 


To your second point, its just retention charge if you keep it more than 90 days.

@Nicholas DiCola (SECURITY JEDI) What about the first part of the question? 

If I have 1000GB of data being ingested daily with 200GB of it being from O365 am I paying for

A) 1000GB of data for Sentinel and 800GB for Log Analytics Ingestion

B) 800GB for Sentinel and 1000GB for Log Analytics Ingestion

C) 800GB for Sentinel and 800GB for Log Analytics Ingestion


Plus the 1000GB data retention after 90 days

@Gary Bushey 

Option C is your answer.  The free sources is for both LogA and Azure Sentinel. 


For retention, yes you would pay 1000GB.

@Sayan Ghosh not sure if you've seen this? Ideally you can set different retention depending on data type?

New: Per data type retention is now available for Azure Sentinel