Search box changes in modern SharePoint and OneDrive experiences


We wanted to make sure that the community is aware of some UX changes coming to the search box on modern OneDrive and SharePoint experiences! These are part of the changes we had announced as part of Message Center post published on March 28 (MC176702), and then talked about in our blog posts at Build and SharePoint conferences this month. 


The changes we are detailing below are already rolled out to Targeted Release users and tenants. So if you are part of the Targeted Release program, you should already be using these updated experiences.


The major experience change is the removal of the search box in modern experiences from where it was in the site header in communication sites, or the command bar in team sites.


A new search box connecting our users to Microsoft Search will be shown at the top of the page in the suite header instead, and provide a consistent place to access search functionality. Similar changes are rolling out to other experiences across Office 365:, Office desktop applications, Outlook on the web, etc.


MicrosoftSearchSearchBox.JPGSharePoint start page shown after the search box move


The change will affect the following modern experiences:

  • SharePoint start page (formerly known as SharePoint home). This is the page you are taken to when you click on "SharePoint" in the suite navigation control.
  • Modern SharePoint sites, including modern site pages, document libraries, lists, and the site contents page.
  • OneDrive for Business.

Classic sites/experiences will not be affected by this update. The search boxes on classic pages will continue to work as they currently do. We will provide an update to classic experiences later this year. This change will be announced using message center posts as well as this community.



Hub site with the Microsoft Search search box - scoped to search across the hub


This update will take effect without requiring any action from you. The functionality provided by the new search box includes personalized suggestions in addition to functionality provided by the previous search box.


We are planning to roll out these updates to our customers in Production over the coming weeks during the month of June.



During our rollout to Targeted Release, we have heard from a small number of customers who had customized the search box experiences and had adverse effects. If you have customized your search box, please ensure that you test the changes using Targeted Release users in your tenant to make sure that you are not negatively affected. If you see negative effects, follow this link and tell us more about it. 

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@Kerem Yuceturk 

The number one thing our users use search to do is find do i search for people using the new modern Microsoft Search box?

@erock12, this should be straight forward. As soon as you type one letter the searchbox will suggest apps, files, people and sites from within your tenant. If this is not working, the feature may have not completed rolling out yet.

@erock12: We have only added people suggestions to the search box for now.

Is there any update on when we can expect this to reach standard release users? The message center post claimed it would be rolled out worldwide by the end of June. It is now almost the end of July and still only first release users can see the field at the top of the page in our tenant.

@Emma_Degerman, thank you for reaching out. We've been working on some updates based on the feedback we have received from customers in Targeted Release, and this has pushed out our release by a few months. Our current estimate is that the new admin center changes will start rolling out in early September to enable Bookmarks, Locations, and Q&A configuration, and once that completes, we will complete the rollout with the search boxes moving to the top into the suite header towards the end of September.


Thank you for your patience!

 @Kerem Yuceturk - Any hints on how to get the search bar to appear on a modern page when displayed in Teams? With the move to the top of the frame, it's stripped out and I can't access the search bar of any modern page or site (including a search sub-site I created to try and get *something* to work), but specifically the hub site I'm using the scope to search.

Hi @mtjindy. I believe the site header, navigation, command bar and the search box are all stripped out when pages are embedded in Teams. This was already the case before this change, so whether or not the search box is in the header or not should not have any effect on pages.


We are looking at some future integration scenarios with the Teams search box, but we don't have any concrete plans we can share at the moment. Maybe a page with a custom search box could be used to redirect to the search results page for your scenario? Maybe the PnP Modern Search Web Parts could be used?

Hi everyone,

Microsoft Search Admin rollout is expected to complete by October 1, and then we will start to roll out the search box updates in the first week of October. I will post another update when that rollout starts.


We appreciate your patience.

Hello everyone,


We have completed the rollout of the Microsoft Search Admin Center earlier this week. 


Today, we are extending the rollout out the updated search box experience to 10% of our customers. If all is well, we will go to 50% next week, and 100% the week after. 


Note that this rollout does not include government or our sovereign clouds at this time. These environments will receive these updates at a future date.

Hi all, we are taking a pause from the rollout to ensure everything is working well for everyone. We will post again once we know when we will be resuming rollout!

@Kerem Yuceturk Any update on when you are expecting to resume the roll-out? We actually look forward to having the functionality available!

Hi @Arie Versluis,


We are holding on releasing this further while we work on making some updates to the experience based on the feedback we received. We expect to resume roll out to our remaining production customers in February 2020. Sorry about the wait.


@Kerem Yuceturk do you have the latest information on when this search box UI will become available in Government tenant?

Hi @Kerem Yuceturk


It's now almost at the end of February 2020. Do you have a new update on the status?



Kind Regards,


@Frank-Ove Kristiansen, and everyone. Thank you again for your interest in this. 


We are slightly delayed in our schedule, and expect the roll out to resume closer to the end of March. We want to make sure that the changes we make result in much faster load times for the search box and a good experience for our users. We appreciate your patience.


If your company is interested in receiving the experience that exists in Targeted Release today for all your users, please send me a private message.

Hi @dhsPortal1, we are still in the planning phase for the government cloud and don't have a date we can share yet. I hope to be able to provide a date by middle of this year. The earliest we could release would be end of 2020, but could go into the next year.  

Thanks, @Kerem Yuceturk. I will discuss this with my client. 


BTW, is this update also including the change allowing modification on redirection when people performing search from the search box and pressing the Enter button? Currently, this always goes to the "static" Modern search results page in layouts.

We are very eager on starting to use ModernSearch. :)

HI @Kerem Yuceturk 


Is there a way we can push this to users as it will be really helpful with our new intranet page


some (2 or 3) users already have it and i have put our Sharepoint as to recieve preview features but dont want to put them on all office 365 early release really 



would be great if there was a powershell etc for this to be achieved




@Frank-Ove Kristiansen , this feature also enables the ability to redirect.