Bookmarks and People are now in autosuggest on Edge OneBox for Microsoft Search in Bing
Published Feb 20 2019 12:29 PM 43.6K Views

The autosuggest feature you know and love is now in your Edge address bar! For enterprise Windows users, bookmarks and people suggestions will appear in the address bar as they type. This should make finding and navigating to internal resources, sites, and bookmarks just as easy as going to a public webpage. People suggestions will land users on a Microsoft Search in Bing (MSB) results page where they can explore the people card and more.



To see bookmark and people suggestions in Edge, users need to meet these requirements:

  • Be a member of a MSB public preview tenant
  • Signed in to a Windows machine with their AAD credentials
  • Edge version 1709 Fall 2017 Creator's update or newer installed
  • Bing is set as default search provider in Edge


Does the MSB Admin have to set this up?

No! Suggestions will appear in the address bar based on the same triggering mechanisms used on


How does this benefit users?

Users will now be able to find authoritative internal resources right from the address bar. For example, they can get to your internal paystub portal or find a colleague by entering just a few characters.




How does this benefit Microsoft search?

As a team, we are always striving to help users find what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible. As users click on these suggestions, we can better rank which bookmarks and people show up for which queries within a tenant. This also helps users to "stumble on" MSB organically by surfacing relevant suggestions where they're searching and enticing them to learn more about it. We'll continue to add these autosuggestions across various endpoints to meet users where they are.


Coming soon

We're working on autosuggest support for other MSB content types like Q&A, locations, and more. Please send us any feedback you have!

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