OneDrive Message Center Updates for June 1-15, 2018
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We are always looking for better ways to help ensure communication between you (OneDrive users and Admins) and us (The OneDrive Team).


One of the key areas of feedback we have received from customers is that it’s sometimes hard to keep up on Message Center (MC) posts, especially if you have been out of the office for a few days. 


Starting today, we will publish a blog post around the 15th and 30th of each month that will cover the key Message Center posts. This includes:


  • What's coming
  • What has been released
  • A timetable of when these features might be hitting your tenants

(Please note that it can take several weeks for a feature to fully roll out to First Release or production tenants)


Release Features

  • Customer branding is now displayed in OneDrive and SharePoint sharing mails
    • Begins rolling out to customers on June 26, 2018
    • Organizations will now be able to apply their branding to sharing emails in OneDrive and SharePoint! OneDrive will use the same logo that you may already be using for your organization’s branding in Azure Active Directory. If you have not already configured this, you can do so by going to the Azure portal and navigating to “Azure Active Directory à Company branding”. Once you have configured the “banner logo” option, sharing emails from OneDrive & SharePoint will also include the image. This feature is available to all organizations with paid Office 365 licenses. You can learn more about Azure Company Branding here. This feature will begin rolling out in the next few weeks and should be available to all production customers by the end of August.tenant-branding@2x.png

  • External sharing mails will now use the latest sharing mail templates
    • Begins rolling out to customers on June 18th, 2018
    • We are making a few changes to ensure that external recipients receive the best experience when collaborating in OneDrive and SharePoint. Going forward, external sharing mails for files and folders will use the new sharing mail templates as well as the best mail-sending behavior possible. In particular, mails sent to external recipients will now come from the sharing user’s Exchange Online mailbox instead of from Users who don’t have Exchange Online will still share with the new mail template but will still share from This feature will begin rolling out in the next few weeks and should be available to all production customers by the end of August.

  • Updates to secure external sharing
    • Begins rolling out to customers on June 18, 2018
    • Earlier this year, we launched the new secure external sharing experience using one-time passcodes and we’ve heard lots of great feedback from our community and users. While many of you loved the new end-user experience, you felt that some of the management capability of our old external sharing platform was missing. The team is committed to bringing our end users and IT admins the best of both worlds.

    •  We are now rolling out our first update to the secure external sharing experience to improve the management story. Going forward, recipients of secure external sharing who also use Office 365 in their organization will be able to sign-in using their credentials to access the document. After they have entered the one time passcode for verification the first time, they will authenticate with their O365 account and have a full guest account created in the host’s organization. This means that IT admins can manage them like any other guest account in their directory. This feature will begin rolling out in the next few weeks and should be available to all production customers by the end of August.


All the updates mentioned above are also listed in your Office 365 message center. To learn more about accessing or using the message center, please click here.


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