OneDrive Announcements at Ignite 2017
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Today at Microsoft Ignite 2017, we announced new innovations that further empower you to share and work together, to inform and engage people, to transform business processes, and to harness collective knowledge. Let’s look at the highlights of the many innovations we unveiled today.


Files On-Demand- this feature will start rolling out on Oct 17 and requires the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. One feature many of you may have noticed during the Insider Preview is the built-in functionality that allows you to preview over 270+ different files types without having to have that application installed. Below is an example an Adobe Illustrator file that is being previewed even though there is no Adobe Illustrator app on this machine. This is functionality we currently support via the web app that we have now brought to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update desktop.2.PNG

Silent Sync Auto-Account Configuration for OneDrive with ADAL- Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library will now support silent sync and account config for OneDrive. This will automatically configure OneDrive during a new device provisioning and ensure a new users OneDrive is automatically set up without any interaction required from the end user.


Microsoft 365 Powered Device with OneDrive- Today we demonstrated the Microsoft 365 Powered Device with OneDrive. Combining the power of Windows AutoPilot with Windows 10 RS3, Exchange Online w/ Office Click to Run and OneDrive Files On-Demand with ADAL, we showed how an IT admin can provision a fully powered PC over the air without any physical interaction with the device. Exchange Online helps to ensure that every email the user needs is there and OneDrive with ADAL and Files On-Demand, ensures that every file the users needs, is available to them seconds after log-in. This powerful toolset truly allows every administrator to support the replaceable PC scenario, everything important from the moment of crash, on every new device.

365 Powered device.PNG


Support for synchronization of libraries encrypted with Information Rights Management (IRM) or Digital Rights Management (DRM)- We will now fully support the synching or DRM/IRM libraries in OneDrive.


Simple and secure external sharing without a Microsoft account- As demoed this week, we will soon be supporting support external sharing with out the need for a Microsoft service account (MSA) by allowing you to create a one time use passcode to grant external users access to content.



User experience updates- We have made the OneDrive web UI cleaner and more intuitive in order for you to more easily see the impact of your work with others. In addition, we have made this update faster and more responsive to allow you to effortlessly find what you’re looking for. This allows you to be more productive with less effort. Quickly see what files and folders are new, what content has been shared with others as well as being able to see who has accessed the content and who has not with click of a single button via our new People Card and Info Pane.



Share seamlessly with new, universal sharing in Office, Windows and Mac- With our updates to the sharing UI we have standardized sharing across Windows, Mac and Web. You will see this unified functionality coming to Office 2016 over the next few months.



Multi-Geo- For customers who want to control where each individual in their organization’s OneDrive resides, you will be able to take advantage of our multi-geo capabilities to decide on an individual by individual basis.


Service Level Encryption with Customer Key- This allows customers to meet regulatory and compliance obligations and have control by bringing their own keys to encrypt OneDrive and SharePoint data at rest.


Updates to OneDrive Admin Center- Now you can see active accounts, file activity and view all OneDrive Message Center messages right from the OneDrive admin console. We have also added a slider to make moving from most to least permissive sharing permissions easier.


We will have full support for workflows via Microsoft Flow in OneDrive rolled out by end of year.


Self Service Migration Toolkit- We are releasing a migration toolkit for self-service users looking to migrate from share drives or other cloud based services to OneDrive on their own.


Updates to our mobile client- To make our mobile client even easier to use, we are bringing a completely new ux to our mobile apps to make it easier than ever to access, share and manage your files on the go.


Open to modern web experience- When you click a Word or PowerPoint file in OneDrive web or opening a sharing link to a Word or PowerPoint file in your browser, you will now be put right into an edit mode allowing you to jump into working faster than ever.


Files Restore- will enable self-service recovery from disastrous events such as mass deletes, corruption, and other data loss scenarios.



Support for On-Prem customers with Android App- We are happy to announce we fully support our OneDrive On-Premise customers on the Android platforms.


Zip File Support- Now open zip files in the web view to see what’s inside and, pick and choose the files you would like to extract.


Integration of sync client into Mac Office- The OneDrive client will now be installed as part of the Office for Mac installation process.


Support for the OneDrive synch client we released early this year in SharePoint 2019


We are here all week so make sure to check out our video blogs starting tomorrow and deep dive pieces on these features starting next week!



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