MVPs Drive Success at Microsoft AI Tour in SF and NYC
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The Microsoft AI Tour in San Francisco and New York brought together developers, MVPs, and other technology enthusiasts to learn about the latest AI technologies and tools from Microsoft.  


At these Microsoft AI Tour stops, MVP volunteer staffers were a driving force behind the event's success, using their passion for technology and AI to engage with the community and share their knowledge and expertise. Fueled by their unrelenting passion for technology and AI, MVP staff were an integral part of Microsoft's groundbreaking journey into the AI era. MVP Staffers were ravenous to learn about the latest AI technologies and tools from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Fabric and Copilot. They saw the event as an irresistible opportunity to engage with the AI community, share their knowledge, and make new connections. MVP Staffers also relished interacting with the attendees, answering technical questions, and discussing attendees’ challenges and visions for the future of AI. MVP volunteer staffers were grateful for the chance to contribute to something larger than themselves and felt valued for their tireless efforts. They were determined to make a positive impact, help the attendees learn about the responsible use of AI, and bridge the gap between complex tech and easy and engaging tools.  MVPs were also inspired by hearing Satya's visionary talk about the roadmap and commitment for AI. Data Platform MVP and San Francisco Connection Hub Volunteer Armando Lacerda stated, “As a Microsoft MVP, I had the opportunity to share the latest updates on Microsoft's AI tools with attendees at the tour. Seeing their excitement as they discovered the potential of these user-friendly tools was priceless and made the experience worth attending.” 


Leveraging their expertise and passion, MVP volunteers also proctored workshops on cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Fabric and Copilot Studio, guiding attendees through hands-on lab exercises, answering their questions, and showcasing the features and benefits of these revolutionary tools. As Business Applications MVP and New York Workshop Proctor Azure McFarlane stated “Given it was an event open to the public, there were people from all backgrounds - tech and non-tech alike - people are genuinely excited about how they can gain more AI skills to use in daily life. It feels great to be able to help people navigate new tools.”  


At the Connection Hub, MVP volunteers staffed the topic-specific booths, introducing attendees to the vast array of AI technologies and tools from Microsoft and explaining how the tools can be applied in different scenarios and sectors to transform the way we work and live. Connection Hub staffers also highlighted the wealth of online learning resources available from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Learn, and guided attendees on how to access and use these resources to gain more AI skills and knowledge, empowering them to take their first steps into the exciting world of AI. 


Though overall a positive experience, MVP staffers at the Microsoft AI Tour encountered several challenges in these early tour stops. Some staffers felt that a briefing with the Microsoft Product team for Fabric and Copilot in advance of the event would have been immensely helpful in better equipping them for attendee questions. Several MVPs who proctored the workshops on Microsoft Fabric and Copilot Studio encountered difficulties in addressing the diverse queries of the attendees, who had varied backgrounds and levels of technical expertise. MVP staffers also felt that the workshops would have benefited from more proctors, and that the attendees were not clear on what the end result would be. Developer Technologies MVP and Connection Hub New York Volunteer Jose Columbie stated “One of the main challenges I faced was the diversity of the attendees' backgrounds and levels of technical expertise. Tailoring explanations and demonstrations to suit different audiences, from AI novices to seasoned professionals proved to be difficult.” 












Pictured above: MVP staffer Veronika Kolesnikova 


Pictured above: MVP staffer Em D'Arcy 

Pictured above: MVP staffer Amy Dolzine  


MVP volunteers enjoyed spending time networking and connecting with others in the AI community. M365 MVP and New York Workshop Proctor Abhijeet Jadhav stated “The Microsoft AI Tour was well-planned and provided opportunities for engagement. I felt a sense of purpose in contributing to something larger and valued for their efforts. In terms of the entire event, it was very well planned and executed. There were ample opportunities provided to connect and engage with other participants.” 


Despite facing some challenges, MVP staff had a positive experience and were eager to continue their journey with Microsoft into the AI era. You too can attend the upcoming Microsoft AI Tour events to discover the latest AI technologies and tools from Microsoft. Be sure to visit the event’s Microsoft Learn page , where you can participate in the Microsoft AI Tour Cloud Skills Challenge and gain more AI skills and knowledge. Take advantage of these opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills in the exciting world of AI. 

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