Microsoft AI & Cloud Learning Camp for Students in Korea
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Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft employees in Korea joined forces to host the Microsoft AI & Cloud Learning Camp in July, aimed at university students eager to deep dive into Microsoft AI and cloud technologies.


On the day of the event, 130 students from 45 universities gathered at the Microsoft Korea office and delved into various Microsoft technologies from Student Ambassadors-led technical sessions, including PyTorch in Azure Machine Learning Studio, Azure Container Apps, Web Development using Node.js and OpenAI API, and Azure Deployment. The enriching learning experience from these sessions motivated student attendees to embark on a more in-depth exploration of Microsoft technologies, resulting in a significant number of them enrolling in the latest official learning initiative, the Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge.

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Taking part in a unique opportunity that provides valuable insights into potential career paths is essential for ICT majoring students who are envisioning their future as a professional. In addition to the technical sessions, this event featured a Career Panel Talk and interactive Q&A session by diverse panelists including a new employee at Microsoft, an experienced Microsoft employee having various experiences in the IT industry, and the current Microsoft MVP who previously worked for Microsoft. Originally scheduled for two hours, the session's duration extended to an enthusiastic three-hour discourse, greatly surpassing initial expectations.

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YoonJeong Choi and Jiseok Lee are Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors and organizers of this event. They started planning this event in April and have been making a lot of effort into making this event welcoming and beneficial to all students for acquiring technical skills and planning future career goals. Their passion led to the desired outcomes, and they received positive feedback from the students who participated in this event. Numerous student attendees developed an interest in joining the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program after witnessing the efforts of the Student Ambassadors’ community leadership team This opportunity brought a significant chance to expand the student network t


Please check out each organizer's LinkedIn post for their thoughts as the organizers of this event.

- YoonJeong Choi

- Jiseok Lee

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MVPs played a pivotal role in this event by helping both student organizers and student speakers. For instance, Joeun Park, a Developer Technologies MVP since December 2022, participated as a dedicated supporter during the event and social interactions. Additionally, David Hyeshik Yoon took on the role of a panelist in the Career Panel discussion. The involvement of 10 MVPs, with their wealth of community management experience, substantially elevated the quality of the event. Their expertise not only contributed a professional perspective to the students' technical sessions but also their personal narratives unlocked the limitless potential within the students as future technologists.

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The synergy between the youthful force shaping a better tomorrow and the dedication of MVPs and employees for supporting students with rich knowledge and experiences made this event happen and became a benefit, not only for many students but also for the future world.


To students reading this blog, if you would like to know more about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program, we invite you to visit the program's official website and Student Developer Blog. You will find passionate student community leaders from around the world who are actively supporting each other's technical learning.


And to the experienced professionals in the IT industry reading this blog, we encourage you to generously share your knowledge and experiences, supporting the development of the next generation of IT engineers. Undoubtedly, your activity will contribute to shaping tomorrow's society.

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