Meet the Skilling Champion Adam Marczak
Published Jun 22 2023 07:30 AM 4,023 Views

The MVP Program has a long-term commitment to skilling through technical communities. In this interviews series focusing on skilling initiatives, we will be highlighting MVPs who actively contribute to the Skilling Program.


Adam Marczak, Poland

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Can you introduce yourself and describe your role as an MVP and in your profession?

“My name is Adam Marczak, and I’m a Microsoft Azure MVP from Poland. I work as a Chief Azure Architect at C&F. My company specializes building in data management, analytics, and digital transformation solutions”


Why is skilling important to you, and how do you contribute to skilling the broader community?

“Skilling is simply part of our jobs, but it’s become increasingly important in the last couple of years with the popularization of cloud solutions. We have learned to deal with ever-changing environments, so constant learning became our second nature. For me, my contributions are a personal fulfillment thing, I simply like to teach others about things that I’m passionate about.”


How do you share your knowledge and skills with others?

“My YouTube channel (, which has over 150,000 subscribers, is my primary way of sharing knowledge with the broad community. But I like to complement that with content on my two blog sites ( and Occasionally, I try to help out on community forums like Reddit, Stack Overflow, etc.”

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