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Microsoft MVPs from all over the world are engaging with their communities in their own ways. Examples include public speakers who share their technical knowledge at conferences and events, community organizers who lead technical communities and organize events, social media influencers who deliver information on social media, code contributors who share codes and samples and contribute to open source, helpers who support users in online forums and provide feedback to Microsoft, mentors who support the growth of others, and content creators who publish information on blogs, books, videos, and so on.


In this blog, we feature our content creators who are enthusiastic about creating technical content which enables community members to learn necessary information at any time.



Canada - Chantal Bossé, M365 Apps & Services MVP

“One thing I repeat over, and over again: One step at the time!”



Chantal is an experienced trainer of Microsoft 365 who focuses on providing advanced tips for presentations with PowerPoint. She published the first book, Microsoft PowerPoint Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques, in February 2023 and provided helpful information to resolve the problems what users had been struggling. She got positive feedback from community members that it is a reference book that supports their planning, creating, and delivering better presentations.


The experiences that led Chantal to share her learnings date back to the early nineties. “I had a very hard time to understand the mix of “windows” concept with code lines and wished someone would help me learn. She stated, ”When I started working as an Instructional Designer though, I finally grasped working with Office and improved my skill.” . After that, she became the ‘someone’ she was looking for, shared knowledge with others, and got the MVP Award in 2013.


Chantal says seeing users’ eyes light up when they learned about a tip and technique that saves their time is priceless. She has been helping community members understand how Microsoft 365 makes their work better, not harder, which gets back their precious time. She adds, “And if I get someone to start enjoying creating and delivering presentations even if they usually fear public speaking, then that is the icing on the cake!”


Regarding skilling, she encourages users NOT to try to know everything at all at once because Microsoft 365 ecosystem has been changing and improving at a rapid speed. She states, “The important thing is to stay curious when something new appears in our App interface and refer regularly to support articles and the Learn site. Probably that users now need to become “comfortable with being uncomfortable” because technologies will keep changing.”



Italy - Paolo Pialorsi, M365 Development, M365 Apps & Services MVP

“I’m always looking for new inspiration”



Paolo has been focusing on Microsoft 365 development technologies and engaging with his community members through creating content, delivering presentations, making commits to open-source projects and samples on GitHub including Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community (PnP). Working hard in a wide range of activities, he also has  been sharing videos on weekly basis on YouTube PiaSys Tech Bites since 2018.


“Sharing is Caring” is an important phrase for the community Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community, and it is always in his mind. He states, “I love sharing my knowledge with the community because I love learning something from the community and empowers me to contribute back.”


Community is the place for the people who have common goals. For instance, community members join the technical community beyond the border to learn the same Microsoft technologies together. Even if it is not in-person format, anyone can find something new and start conversation with others on the Internet. Pablo says, “I really like meeting new people, making new friends all over the globe, and learning from others and other cultures.”


Communication with community members is the source of energy for Paolo to continue making efforts on his activities for community members. He appreciates all the support he received in his community journey, Pablo says, “Thanks for following me. I hope you like my videos, articles, demos, and presentations at community events. I am always looking for new inspiration, so please reach out and suggest new topics to me to cover.”



Australia - Arnav Sharma, Security MVP

“The joy of writing blogs rests is the pleasure of sharing knowledge, making an impact, forming connections, personal development, and the opportunity to express oneself creatively”



Arnav has been sharing discoveries, experiences, and solutions on his website with those who shared his enthusiasm for learning and appetite for information. Empathy, passion, and desire to make a positive impact are his triggers to work for community activities, and he received the MVP Award in Security category in December 2022.


His first step started with an insatiable desire to investigate the interior workings of computers, cloud, and emerging technologies. Diving into the world of technology, he realized his knowledge and insights would be valuable for others. He says, “Each blog post becomes an illustration on which I can articulate my thoughts, impart my knowledge, and provoke the curiosity of others. Writing a blog allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and challenges me to find creative methods to present complex concepts in a digestible manner. Writing technical blogs has become a creative outlet that allows me to combine my technical expertise with my passion for storytelling and communication.”


Writing blogs is more than just an activity to him. His detailed information helps diverse audiences, from beginners to professionals, to take one step further on their learning journey and problem-solving process. It also fosters community connections with peers who have comparable interests and provide support. Besides, it offers personal growth and development opportunities as it increases subject knowledge. Arnav says, “It is gratifying to receive messages from people who found my blogs helpful.” He feels happiness when receiving positive feedback from his community members.


Arnav reminds everyone that learning is an ongoing process, and each step you take towards expanding your knowledge and abilities is an accomplishment. Arnav says, “Never be reluctant to investigate new ideas, technologies, and concepts; embrace your natural curiosity. Challenges should be viewed as opportunities for personal development. Remember that even modest progress is significant and that each obstacle you overcome brings you closer to achieving your objectives.”


He also encourages everyone to remain persistent and resilient as you navigate your path in technology. “There may be ups and downs, but perseverance will propel your advancement. Seek community support, network with like-minded people, and collaborate whenever possible.” In addition, he recommends engaging with technical communities, “Contribute to the community by blogging, mentoring, or engaging in substantive conversations. You can significantly impact the growth and development of others by sharing your expertise and remembering that your voice matters.”



Spain - Pablo Martínez, Windows and Devices for IT MVP

“Repeated practice, failure, and testing give you the experience”



Pablo is a book author and a video creator of his channel Pablo Martinez on YouTube and shares technical information of how to use Windows and relevant technologies for the Spanish-speaking IT Pro users. He has been posting more than 1,500 posts since he launched El Blog de soporteTI in 2006, however, he did it for himself, not for others at the beginning.


When he started learning about system administration, he started blogging to record the problems he faced and what he did to resolve. He made his personal log and enabled anyone to access it for their reference. Getting more questions, he eventually decided to start a new activity. “One day I decided to make the processes on video so that people would be able to see the whole process. It worked to avoid the same Q&As about common issues of the process.”


Pablo says, “Teaching is the best way to learn and to check the knowledge of ‘what you think you know’ as well.” Users often asked him for support about impossible and/or unfamiliar scenarios he had never implemented. He thought it would be a great chance to learn new things and have a broader vision. He adds, “I have made great friends and also learned a lot. If I am the professional today, it is thanks to the community.”


He emphasizes that the most important thing is neither reading one hundred books nor watching YouTube videos but having a solid foundation learned from practice. For example, use Active Directory 25 times to learn how it works, and then, you can try the next 1,000 times. Avoid using templates, implement directories in all ways, use a .local domain, then a .com, change the name, modify the properties of the machine, look for that change each of these one thousand times. There are many things to learn, such as redundancy, High Availability, service implementation in systems with few resources, using it under a slow network, making backups, recovering these copies. Virtual environment is also available for practice.


Even if Pablo is an active content creator, he encourages community members to learn from hands-on experience. “The Internet has brought us great things, and it is an incredible tool to learn and solve problems, but many users do not make a correct use. They just look for a solution and ignore why/how the problem has occurred. ‘Pan para hoy y hambre para mañana (Bread for today and hunger for tomorrow)’ is the proverb which describes that situation, and that is why I recommend others to try it.”



Learning from MVPs’ technical content itself is not a goal but one of the ways for users to do more with Microsoft technologies. We recommend all of you to learn many things with MVPs’ contents, take the first step for your hands-on experience, and then, learn further from MVPs’ community activities.

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