Friday Five: Azure Cloud Services, ML Pipelines, More!
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Azure Cloud Services for DJI Drones

Jiong Shi is a 12-time Azure MVP from China. Interested in Azure IoT, Windows IoT, Windows Embedded and UWP, Jiong is a professor at Zhejiang Wanli University, China, and the author of a book titled “Windows 10 IoT Application Developer Guide”. Moreover, Jiong is a keen blogger, an active developer in his local community, and speaker at Ignite China. Follow him on Twitter @dearsj001.

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How to: Create your own Family Video Room using Azure Communication Services without writing any cod...

Tom Morgan is a Microsoft Teams Platform developer and Microsoft MVP with more than 10 years of experience in the software development industry. For the last 8 years, Tom has worked at Modality Systems, with responsibility for delivery of the Modality Systems product portfolio. Tom is passionate about creating great software that people will find useful. He enjoys blogging and speaking about Microsoft Teams development, Office365, Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and AI, and the future of the communications industry. He blogs at and tweets at @tomorgan.


Augmented Reality for .NET Developers on iOS

Lee Englestone is an innovative Dev Manager who likes to operate in the area where technology, product, people and business strategy converge. Lee, from the UK, is constantly working on side projects, building things and looking for ways to educate the .NET community in great technologies. He is the creator of Visual Studio Tips, Hackathon Tips and Xamarin Arkit. For more, see Lee’s blog and Twitter @LeeEnglestone.


Deploying a Machine Learning Model with Azure ML Pipelines

Vlad Iliescu is an AI MVP, public speaker, storyteller, music lover and uke player. Hailing from Romania, Vlad is Partner and Head of AI at Strongbytes, a company with a strong focus on building software products around well-operationalized machine learning models, and the co-founder of the Romanian AI conference NDR. For more on Vlad, check out his blog and Twitter @vladiliescu

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How to: create and add a OneNote tab to your Microsoft Teams team channel using Power Automate + Gra...

Vesku Nopanen is a Principal Consultant in Office 365 and Modern Work and passionate about Microsoft Teams. He helps and coaches customers to find benefits and value when adopting new tools, methods, ways or working and practices into daily work-life equation. He focuses especially on Microsoft Teams and how it can change organizations' work. He lives in Turku, Finland. Follow him on Twitter: @Vesanopanen

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