Exploring Elements of Technology Inherited from the Past
Published Apr 04 2023 12:00 AM 2,989 Views

Digging into history may reveal unexpected discoveries that affect the present. Even if they are "older” and are no longer used as front line, there are many cases where philosophies of them can be seen in those that are widely used today. Ukrainian Developer Technologies MVP Andrey Gubskiy shows us one example of that.



Andrey found two programming languages which were used for the Singularity operating system, Sing# and Spec#, that still have the impact on C# and .NET. He explains that these languages come from the “parallel realities” and shared his research results on his blog, The C# Multiverse — the Singularity of Programming Languages.


“Many of the ideas we see being implemented today could have been laid down long ago. It is worth being interested in how the .NET platform works - this can be very interesting and exciting,” he says.


His target audience of his article is .NET developers and students interested in the .NET platform and .NET language family. For readers’ deeper understanding, he provides various documents including the original information published in the early 2000s as well as sample codes. “The information in the article may interest developers to become more acquainted with the .NET platform and pay attention to relevant Microsoft projects," Andrey encourages developers to explore these technologies.


Just like everything has a past history, technology has its own history. If you are interested in how Sing# and Spec# affect C#, please visit his blog.

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