Elevating New Voices, New Ideas In South Florida
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Engaged communities are stronger communities. This is the ethos behind Code for South Florida, a Miami nonprofit that facilitates community feedback between governments and citizens with tech.


The group brings the area’s tech enthusiasts together to create solutions that support the youth and improve quality of life, in partnership with government departments, nonprofit organizations and colleges. 


Regarded as the largest public interest technology non-profit in the state, the group leverages public code and data to build prototypes and support data collaborations that make life better for the inhabitants of South Florida.


Ultimately, Code for South Florida seeks to elevate the voices of all who call the region home.


AI MVP and Miami native Noelle Silver says there is new momentum in South Florida that is embracing technology and its potential for social good. 


“There are so many people hungry to learn and get into tech but few programs available and affordable to them,” Noelle says. “The Code for South Florida community was created to help more people by combining technology and the government.”


“I was raised in Miami and was not afforded the opportunity to learn about tech or coding. I had to leave and attend a university to get that exposure. I am now back, after travelling the country and working for Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM over the years.”


“South Florida is home to many underrepresented groups and this community serves them all. It allows for people to learn to code in their native language, to find like-minded, career-focused peers and create a social and professional network that will serve them for years.”


Connection and communication are vital to open-source communities like Code for South Florida. Noelle points to recent initiatives like Tech Hub Tech Talk an educational series that inspires people to get involved in the Miami and South Florida tech scene and the creation of Open Government and Haitians in Tech smaller groups that help developers find a support network to call their own in successfully uniting the many communities of Code for South Florida.


“What I love most about this community is its focus on connecting people together who can further inspire, contribute, and build a local culture of public service and technology,” Noelle says.


“I want to use the Code for South Florida initiative to help bring the idea of technical careers to junior and senior highs across the region. I am using Microsoft Learn as a platform for helping anyone who wants to learn to get the skills they need.”


The biggest challenge, Noelle says, is “trying to be heard above the noise and get this message to more people. This is where the MVP community can help!”


If you have a project you need help with or want to create a new initiative with the tech talent in South Florida, the community has a network of volunteers and staff ready to support. To join the group or for more information visit the Code for South Florida website.

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