Azure AD B2B, Azure Infrastructure Compliance and More, on The Friday Five!
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First published on MSDN on Mar 01, 2019


Test your Azure infrastructure compliance with Inspec

Mikael Krief is a Microsoft MVP living in France as a DevOps consultant. He is passionate about ALM and DevOps, and is very interested in the integration with Microsoft (Azure and Azure DevOps) and all open source tools (terraform, ansible, Jenkins, … ). Mikael has also been a member of the ALM | DevOps Rangers community since 2015 where he contributes blog posts and some extensions for Azure DevOps. He also contributes on open source project, writes a personal blog, on meetup and Azure DevOps Extensions. Follow him on Twitter @MikaelKrief .

Azure AD B2B deep-dive
John Craddock is a Microsoft MVP based in the UK. He has designed and implemented computing systems ranging from high-speed industrial controllers through to distributed IT systems with a focus on security and high-availability. John is a key player in many IT projects for industry leaders including Microsoft, the UK Government and multi-nationals that require optimized IT systems. He has developed technical training courses that have been published worldwide, co-authored a highly successful book on Microsoft Active Directory Internals, and presents regularly at major international conferences including Ignite, TechEd, IT Forum and European summits. Follow him on Twitter @john_craddock .

A Fairy Tale of F# and Durable Functions
Mikhail Shilkov is a Microsoft Azure MVP, Russian expat living in the Netherlands. He is passionate about cloud technologies, functional programming and the intersection of the two. In his spare time, you can find him answering “azure-functions” questions on StackOverflow, tweeting as @MikhailShilkov about serverless, blogging about functional programming, or presenting the stories of serverless and functional adoption at conferences and meetups. Follow him on Twitter @MikhailShilkov .

Microsoft Azure: Setting Up Data Science Windows 2016 Virtual Machine
Asma Khalid is a Technical Evangelist, Technical Writer and Fanatic Explorer. She enjoys doodling with technologies, writing stories and sharing her knowledge with the community. Her core domain is Software Engineering, but she’s also experienced in Product Management, Product Monitoring, Product Implementation, Product Execution and Product Coordination. She is the 1st female from Pakistan to receive Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition and the 1st female from Pakistan to receive C-sharp corner online developer community Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition. She has 6+ years of experience as IT professional, freelancer & entrepreneur. She is currently working on her entrepreneur venture, AsmaKart . Follow her on Twitter @asmak .

Exploring C#'s ref return to better understand it
Jiří Činčura is an independent developer focusing on data and business layers, language constructs, parallelism and databases. Specifically Entity Framework, asynchronous and parallel programming, cloud and Azure. He’s a Microsoft MVP and you can read his articles, guides, tips and tricks at . Follow him on Twitter @cincura_net.

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