The Shiproom: Prioritizing user experience with security

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Keeping up with The Shiproom is always worthwhile, but I’m especially excited to share this episode highlighting IGM Financial and its path to modernization via Microsoft Managed Desktop.


Keran McGuire, VP of Infrastructure Services at IGM Financial, shares how the organization of 5,000 decided to outsource desktop management, and why user experience and security were essential to their vendor selection.


I helped introduce Microsoft Managed Desktop as a possible solution for IGM, so I’m biased, but any of our blog readers should make a point of watching this episode. And it’s not only because Brad Anderson interviews are both insightful and distinctly hilarious.


IGM exemplifies key market segments where the Microsoft Managed Desktop value prop resonates.


Starting fresh: We see traction among mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, and well-funded startups. IGM Financial was likewise divesting its IT services from a sister company, Canada Life, and had a chance to start fresh. These organizations typically have mature leadership, a desire to be modern from the start, and a strong preference to scale IT investments over time instead of incurring technical debt at the outset.


UX-obsessed: IGM’s prioritization of user experience in the managed desktop solution is a clear trend among a growing number of organizations that recognize device productivity as a driver of job satisfaction.


Security-minded: Highly-regulated market segments like financial services, healthcare, and government are rarely on the bleeding edge of technology adoption. But, as Keran describes with IGM, the unique combination of security and productivity is a game changer. I’ve been lucky to tap the expertise of my colleague, technical specialist Eric DeLorme, to help such customers evaluate Microsoft Managed Desktop against their stringent security requirements.


If your organization fits any of those trends, you owe it to yourself to learn about Keran’s experience leading IGM to Microsoft Managed Desktop.



What’s your favorite moment between Brad and Keran? Share your feedback in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for more great content about Microsoft Managed Desktop.


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