The Shiproom: Leadership amid rapid transformation
Published May 13 2020 06:00 AM 5,226 Views

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When Simon Bullers joined Lloyds Banking Group as director of engineering in 2017, he wanted to end the cycle of multi-year platform migration projects in favor of modern management. In less than three years, he has led his conservative financial institution of 90K employees through digital transformation using Microsoft Managed Desktop.

For an industry that isn’t known for rapid transformation, how did Simon bring about those changes?

In this episode of The Shiproom – Brad Anderson’s quirky interview series with tech leaders – Simon shares a number of insights for leaders facing big challenges, such as:

  • Embracing massive change within a highly regulated institution
  • Working backwards from the destination, not forward from the status quo
  • Using technology not for the sake of technology, but to improve your core focus, and
  • Staying grounded in the face of crisis or uncertainty.

And if that isn’t compelling enough, you won’t want to miss how the conversation turns to narwhals, sharknadoes, and ancient currencies. 



We’ve put together a case study about deploying Microsoft Managed Desktop at Lloyds Banking Group so you can go deeper.

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