Unable to scroll down Microsoft form in MOBILE

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I have created a form using Microsoft forms and was able  to fill data using desktop, but when I opened that link in my mobile I could see only 2 questions and was not able to scroll down for submit button.


Could you please respond fast as my team planning to use this form from Monday.Last week I was able to submit through mobile but not today .



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I am having the same issue. Trying forms for the first time, so I don't know why this is happening. I will follow this post and hope for a solution.

Having the same problem with both my forms & my quizzes, unable to scroll in mobile app or on computer (PC & MAC). Hoping this gets resolved soon. @Deekshana 

@MBurris  no one from Microsoft said anything about this issue...



Same issue here. Unable to scroll down in both desktop/mobile versions. I just noticed it starting today. Hoping Microsoft sees this thread and responds.

@Chris619  ya I told my project folks to use today when they go to field sampling and see no one from Microsoft  is responding.

Any word on when Microsoft is going to fix this?



Unfortunately, I found this post after numerous people started reporting this issue on our customer satisfaction survey that I blasted out to 2,500 people this morning. I have opened a premier support ticket with Microsoft and have directed their attention to this thread. 

Thank you! I am having a similar issue and hope they can address this asap to a form I just released.

@_Archer_  Thanks hope they will respond soon

Here's the latest from Microsoft:

Thank you for providing us with the link and we are also unable to view the scroll bar in the survey form. We understand that this is a major issue and we are trying our best to provide you with the resolution in a timely manner.

@_Archer_Thanks for the update!  I hope they fix it soon.  

@_Archer_  wow you got reply from them how did you raise a severity ticket , from Friday there was so much of conversation going on this post and none from Microsoft  responded.Can you let us know easiest way to approach them.



I work in the public sector. In short, we pay big dollars annually to Microsoft including contracting for premier support. 

I have the same issue. The only thing that works for navigating the from is using the Tab key. Very frustrating.

Is it fixed yet?

No it isn't.

@Deekshana  It looks like the surveys are now working in all browsers and tablets (checked IE, Edge and Chrome).  Mobile is still not working.