How to submit more responses than Microsoft Forms allows


If you're using Microsoft Forms today and collect a large number of response, you may have reached the 5,000 response limit.  So what do you do if you need to collect more feedback?  If you're working in an environment where you know how many respondents you have, then you can use an approach of multiple forms that feed a single SharePoint list.






Creating the Form

Start by creating the form that you want users to fill-in.  Once you've finished creating it, you can easily copy it from the Forms home page.


Creating a SharePoint List

Next, create a SharePoint list where you plan to store all the combined responses.  Make sure to add fields for all the Forms questions.  To understand how best to map Forms questions to SharePoint fields, have a look at Microsoft Forms and Flow - Leveraging Real-Time Survey Results in the Cloud.  The SharePoint list limit is 30 million items, which is sufficient in most cases.


Connecting the Forms to SharePoint using Flow

When you create a Flow to a Survey (as described in Microsoft Forms and Flow - Leveraging Real-Time Survey Results in the Cloud), you need to identify the source Form.  So, for each copy of the Form, you will need to create a copy of the Flow.  However, all of them can write to the same SharePoint list, thereby combining all the results.



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I'm a big fan and advocate of using SharePoint lists to "stabilize" Forms and make responses easier for team members to access using this same Form->Flow->List process, so thanks for presenting it in such a way that's easier to understand!