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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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You asked, we’re delivering: Release notes for Azure Active Directory!

Community Manager

A ton of you have let the Azure Active Directory team know that it’s critically important you get information around new Azure AD feature releases and plan-for-change communications so you can better plan and maintain your IT infrastructure. We’ve never had a good system in the past to do that as we’ve optimized our systems for maximum agility and innovation and release notes take time and central coordination. But we know you REALLY need these detailed notes, so we're really happy to share that we’ve come up with a model for publishing detailed release notes (What’s new), and our first set has just gone live this week.


You can find all release notes at




Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility and Security blog.

3 Replies

This is very useful, thanks Eric.

Really nice addition, great for keeping up-to-date with Azure AD changes all in one place.


It does perhaps raise expectations we will get something similar in the future for some of the Office 365 services!

Many thanks Eric !


Some of those could be included on Office 365 also, because some customer that just use Office 365 could have the information relevant that they need in on place.