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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Where is my AD device object after syncing to Azure AD?

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I am at a loss. I have joined a Windows Virtual Desktop VM to my domain. Now I am trying to use MSIX App Attach with an Azure file share. Therefore I wanted to have this VM AD object in Azure AD, to be able to assign SMB file share permissions to it.


AD connect shows the computer object, and the group it is in, as objects to "add" during the successful sync service export task. But in Azure AD, I can't find the computer object. I tried using Get-AzureADDevice but it wasn't in the list either. So where did my device go?

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After a week, the computer object showed up. Now I can't figure out, if the reason was because I was taking another look into AD Connect or something else. I didn't change anything at this moment, and the last timestamp on the update told me the update happened more than one hour ago. If it would have been 1 hour I would have expected UTC time difference, but if was off.

Maybe it was a full sync cycle instead of a delta, but again I didn't really interact with the server except in those few minutes I wanted to have another go at the settings.