What happens to the guest object, when a company gets federated?

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Dear Community,


Our client has a scenario, where they will have the following type of users:

  • Internal users (Members of client)
  • Guest users (Users invited for the tenant)
  • Azure B2B customers (Users that are federated into the AD)

What happens to a guest user / object in the AD, if the company (For example: Google. All users with @google.com in their emails) gets federated with their own Azure AD through Azure AD B2B? Will the user simply be able to login with their @google.com account, and all the access rights will stay the same, or will a new object be created?


// Peter

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Thanks@odaliot for your quick response.


Primarily, I am looking for, what happens in the scenario, I have described. I will look for solutions, if I need a tool to solve it for me.


DayOne does not seem to describe the scenario. I am not interesting in migrating the objects from the Azure AD B2B tenant but simply using the Azure AD B2B for identity provisioning, thereby keeping all groups on the user that were assigned on the original object.

that exactly what Day-one do

I can't read that from the description @odaliot


I would like to know, how Azure AD handles this out-of-the-box, before looking into a 3rd party tool. What happens in the scenario, I have described?

Day-One is not migrating the data, it shows all the customers tenants like they are on the same tenant -E.G. show free busy in calendar from 2 separate tenants