we have SSO for office 365 (federation) can't open onedrive shared urls received from external users

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because we have SSO, when a user opens any office 365 url it will login using his user name and password without asking, now we get some files shared by onedrive from external organizations, and it tries to directly open it using the same user name and password (our AzureAD) not the guest account created at the external AzureAD wail sharing, anyone?
the funny workaround so far is to either access the same url from external network (not the LAN) or a non domain member PC - because any of these will brake the SSO functionality 

for example, is there anything i can do on my ADFS settings so solve this

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Just open the link in a private browser session.

Which browser did you use? Chrome and chromium-based ones are broken in this regards, try a proper one, such as IE, Firefox.

@Vasil Michevwill do that, is there any way to fix this known issue without the end users intervention 

@Maher Ramadanwe try it with IE edge and IE 11 but still the same


dears anyone has an idea that he can help us with?

Did you try a different browser? There seems to be some issues with the latest versions of Chrome (or the new chromium-based Edge).

it is not a bowser issue, this is how SSO work and we need to figure out a way to overcome the issue mentioned