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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Upcoming improvements to the Azure AD sign-in experience


We’d like to give you an early heads up on some visual design updates that are coming to the Azure AD sign-in experience. Customers gave us a LOT of feedback last time we updated the sign-in. It was clear that you wanted us to provide more notification, earlier in the process with more information. We’ve learned and this time we’re giving you more time and info than ever before.


Our next set of changes aims to reduce clutter and make our screens look cleaner. A visually simpler UI helps users focus on the task at hand – signing in. This is solely a visual UI change with no changes to functionality. Existing company branding settings will carry forward to the updated UI. There will be no change to SSO or "Keep me signed in functionality".


Read more about the changes in the Enterprise Mobility & Security blog.

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This change does not address the problem with branding.  We use the branding feature to add a picture and logo to the login page.  Unfortunately, if you have a 4:3 display instead of a widescreen 16:9 display, your picture gets cut off.  We need a sign in page where the picture will show not get cut off.

Hello, thanks for the improvements. I have a question, I don't see in the screenshots of the updated UI the 'Keep me signed in' . This is necessary when we use the action "Open with explorer" in a SharePoint online library.

Thank you,

Regrets, Maria

The screenshots are meant just to give an idea of how the controls/layout has changed and don't represent all screens that are affected.

There'll be no change to "Keep me signed in" functionality. If your users see it today, they'll continue to see it when this update rolls out.
Thanks for the feedback. We won't be able to accommodate this in this update, but if you can send me (via private message) an idea of what kind of background you hope to be able to use, we'll be able to take that into consideration for future updates.

If you put in the wrong account on the first screen, and don't realise until you get to the password screen, is there no longer a "back" button to go back and fix that?  I guess you can use the browser's back button, but I suppose some users expect there to be a "back" button, or a "not your account?" button.

Yes, there's a back button. We moved it to the left side of the username callout on the password string. It's a back arrow icon. It's a bit harder to spot in a small screenshot but will be obvious when loaded at actual size.

Any screens which have a back button today will continue to have a back button with this update.

Hi Kelvin,


We are getting reports from customers who use our mobile app, and I can confirm, that we are not seeing the option to 'Stay Signed' in anymore when we get information from a SharePoint Site? Whether we login via our App or directly with SharePoint the users are not offered this option.


I appreciate that you state there is no change in the "Keep me signed in" functionality but this update is pretty close to when we started getting this reported.


Unless we have missed this in a previous update (as we were all signed in already) I would appreciate your assistance to find out why mobile users can't see the 'Keep me signed in' option?


I certainly hope it is not related to:

"And for those of you who are security minded, you be happy to know that we’ve built a lot of smarts ...." 






Hi Paul,

the update hasn't rolled out yet. It won't start rolling out till mid-May and this announcement is meant as advance notice for the release, So, what you're seeing isn't due to this update :)

"Stay signed in" has never shown in apps before. This is because apps are supposed to manage the authentication tokens for their users so "Stay signed in" (which applies to browsers only) doesn't make sense in app scenarios.

As for SharePoint, are you talking about users accessing SharePoint in a browser who used to see the prompt but no longer do? Did anything change? For example:
1. SSO enabled on the user's machines
2. User checked the "Don't show this again" checkbox on the "Stay signed in" prompt
3. Multiple accounts being used in the browser

I'd like to see an option to add a  personalized Terms and Conditions page to the login workflow. I'm sure there are other organizations that require a T&Cs or user acceptance page for the users to accept as SP Online is being used for collaboration purposes with external vendors and clients. 

At the moment, we need to send this form manually to external partners to sign which slows down the entire onboarding process. 

Automate this workflow. For auditing purposes we need it! 


I believe that we do have the capability to show a custom terms of use to users during login. Let me find the product owner to respond here.

We do have Azure AD Terms of Use, which provides a simple method organizations can use to present information to end users. This presentation, ensures users see relevant disclaimers for legal or compliance requirements.


You can find the documentation at:


This will give you the flexibility to target Terms of Use to any necessary users or apps via conditional access policies. 

thanks Kelvin and Joe. I've had a look at the instructions with my global admin, it definitely looks like something we will implement.

Will the underlying structure of the pages (especially identifiers for the different elements of the pages) be changing? I've got some Selenium tests that I run that need to log in.

The structure and identifier for page elements aren't going to change.

Please let me know the exact time.  So I can call off.  The smallest change always causes problems here.

How would I go about sending you an example of the background we use?  I tried sending a private message, and I could find no way to attach the file.

@Kelvin Xia wrote:
Thanks for the feedback. We won't be able to accommodate this in this update, but if you can send me (via private message) an idea of what kind of background you hope to be able to use, we'll be able to take that into consideration for future updates.


I was given an advance notice about the new sign-in screens forthcoming in June.  And while security has to be the primary concern as we move toward 100% dependence upon cloud storage, the following issue is almost immeasurably secondary to that:  While mobility is awesome, it offers me something WHEN my devices travel with me.  I'm at home or in the office a heck of a lot more than I am traveling so I'd take speed and a dependable (hard wired) system over Wi-Fi at least 6 of 7 days of the week.  Should your company (or you personally) go to a cloud based file server, you are signing up for a compromise in speed and you might as well take your ISPs as your second, third, . . . wives (when your Wi-Fi is good you get along, when it isn't it's grounds for divorce).  If my first wife's name was "speed".  And the ones that came after were named "cloud", "Wi-Fi", and, "mobility", I highly doubt I'd divorce the (first) one I need 85% of the time for the three which I need a combined 15% of the time.  It sure seems I am in the minority with those thoughts.  Am I?


Will we see the preview anytime soon?

New Login Page

Only a little point but it really bugs me: You show what I think is a really fantastic picture but cut out the focal point of the picture, the centre! You will have chosen a good picture but then chose to cover it up.

A bit like having a picture of your significant other on your desk but putting a yellow post it over the centre of their face!