Unable to update tenant properties

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Is it possible to change the tenant name (not the domain name) in an Azure AD B2C Tenant?

I have attempted the following steps:

Besides the aforementioned procedures, I have established a local administrator account (with global administrative privileges); nonetheless, I have encountered an identical outcome."

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Are you using PIM to you elevate your permissions when using global admin, if so it can take up to 20 mins for your permissions to work within the B2B tenant
No, currently we don't have Privileged Identity Management (PIM) configured.

It's a GUEST account with global permissions -> Unsuccessful.
I changed it to a MEMBER type -> Unsuccessful.
I also added a local admin with global permissions -> Unsuccessful.
I've run out of ideas.

Thank you nonetheless for your response and assistance.
I have the same problem with my B2C Tenant since a couple of days. I can change the name of my 'regular' tenant without any problems but if I try to change the name of the B2C Tenant, I get that same 'Unable to update tenant properties' error.

I already verified I am Global admin rights and the creator of the B2C tenant, so that shouldn't be the issue.
Just in case it helps. I had an open case with support up until today. It seems that there is no immediate solution, and they have closed the ticket. There's nothing else to do but wait for this action to be possible in the future.
I am seeing the same issue - even on a B2C Tenant that I previously created.
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You can try updating the name from

When I tried from Azure portal ( or, I got the same error ("Unable to update properties for tenant ..."). But it worked from for me.

I love u :p IT WORKS!!!! Thank you very much for taking the trouble to share this.